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They say truth is subjective. I say that the “truth” is punitive. The truth we are told, are force fed, are meant to believe, is designed only to keep us in the dark, and punish us for being us. Well I’m a man, and I say that I should probably have a say in the truth that I believe. Many people refer to me and my kind of enlightened men as “crackpots” or “wackos”. We, on the other hand, prefer to refer to those people as “sheeple” or “brainwashed masses”.

The reason why people question our sanity is because we aren’t all us. Simply put, sometimes the people who we try to expose pretend to be us and act like really crazy people to make it harder for us to be taken seriously by everyone else when we are telling everyone else about them. Many “conspiracy theories” that you see around are entirely fake deliberately to stop us from being heard. Fortunately there is an easy way to figure out which ones are real, and which ones are fake. There are 3 simple ways which can check to see if something it true, or is a fake.

1 – Is there any proof. This may seem a bit obvious, and every theory claims that there is unlimited proof to support it. What it comes down to is this. Have you seen any proof. If they talk of proof, but never produce any, then it’s probably a scam trying to make us sound crazy. This is what happens all the time when people talk about “Global capitalism”. If there’s no proof, then it’s probably a fake, made up by amateurs who are just starting out, trying to fool people into thinking that we’re all crazy.

2 – Quality of the proof. Here is one that seems obvious, but really isn’t. If the proof seems too good to be true, or too conclusive, then it is probably fake. Take a common theory like “global warming” (are we seeing a theme here?). The evidence produced by so-called “scientists” is so vastly accurate, so detailed, that it must obviously be fake. They try to confuse you by presenting so much evidence, of such high quality that you will never be tempted to read through it all. Well I did, and I came up with some pretty conclusive evidence that it is fake. Did you know that the “scientists” claim that they measured levels of “carbon” in “ice”? Well I may not have any fancy degrees, but I know that ice is made of water, and water has no carbon in it at all. This is just one of the many times that they try to overwhelm you with facts, but completely overlook the real science.

20 dollars of TERROR

20 dollars of TERROR

3 – Historical Evidence. This is an important one. When the shadowy government, illuminati, or mason organisations work, they work slowly. They try to get their plans done over hundreds of years, so that people don’t know what’s going on. Because of this, and their need for secrecy, they often slip coded or secret messages into every day things, so that people never notice. they slip these messages in to the world years before they are relevant, because they have already planned out how to do it. For example, the image to the right shows proof that someone had planned not only to build the world trade centre, but had already planned to destroy it to cause a war to distract us. This is proof of future planning, from even hundreds of years ago. Real plans have evidence from hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. Some people will try to tell you that it’s not real evidence, but it’s obscure because it had to be.

It’s a well known fact that the government try to control people’s minds to turn them against us, who are free from their falsified logic. We can see the world as it truly is, and that scares them. They are always trying to infiltrate us, to make their brainwashed followers think that it’s us, and not them, who are crazy. They try to convince you that foil enhances signals, rather than blocking them. Everything they do attempts to discredit us, to make us seem like we are wild extremists.

It won’t work, because we can see through their lies. If you can see through their lies too, you will see what we see, which is a web of lies. We know the TRUTH, and that it is far different from their fictitious truth, which you are meant to believe. Together, we can expose them for what, and who they really are, and together, we can bring mankind into a brave world where we are free to think about who’s opinions we can believe. Until that day, we will try to keep uncovering the truth for everyone.

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